Solving Sudoku puzzle

How do you solve a Sudoku puzzle? There are no definitive ways to solve this particular puzzle. More often than not, players who play the game use different strategies for it and most of the time they still end up confused and tired of trying to solve a single Sudoku puzzle alone. Unfortunately, it is very hard to look for a solution for this puzzle and it’s quite a challenge really. However, players who do solve the puzzle do feel happy about their accomplishment and encourages themselves to solve another Sudoku puzzle.

As mentioned earlier, there aren’t any definitive solutions for this puzzle game. However, there are techniques that increase the chances of the player of winning a game or two. The following are a few methods which are proven to be very effective in solving the Sudoku puzzle.

Methods and technique to increase your winning chances in playing Sudoku

  • Counting – as Sudoku is dealing with specific set of numbers, counting your way to solve the puzzle will really be effective. It allows seeing numbers that are mistakenly placed or have been duplicated. Secondly, you are able to check your answers even if you’re not done with the whole puzzle yet.
  • Find clues – the game is already filled with numbers, make some smart guesses and see what happens. Be sure to check your answers before completing the game.
  • Imagine – imagine the whole puzzle together with all the given numbers and try to fix all the numbers within the premise of your imagination and then apply what’s on your mind.

These three techniques are considered to be the very effective method in winning a Sudoku puzzle. Furthermore, as you continuously use these techniques, you are able to train your mind to think in a very different way that would ultimately enhance your overall logical thinking.

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