Sudoku is a great activity to sharpen the mind

The Sudoku puzzle game is one of the best mental activity that anybody can engaged in. It is quite unique that a game full of numbers will actually help in sharpening the mind, developing in a person a high level of understanding and overall enhance mental capacity. Unlike other jigsaw puzzle, the Sudoku game consist more of thinking. The game challenges the mental ability of an individual in order to develop necessary skills which would in turn be very beneficial. The main focus of the puzzle is to stimulate the brain to create a solution for the Sudoku puzzle being presented.

On the other hand, although the game features a lot of numerical figures, the game is not really based on mathematics but instead; it applies the principle of logic. This is why players of this game do enjoy their time in playing the Sudoku puzzle because it is not based on math because if it was, it could only be a boring game.

Understanding the game

Initially, the player has the opportunity to choose a degree of difficulty and this is determined by the size of the grid that the player wants to play with. Basically, novice players are advised to utilize a four by four grid. This allows the player to get familiarize with the game and develop simple techniques in order to be successful in winning. The game will start at a normal level where a nine by nine grid is used containing nine columns and nine rows. Some the boxes of the grid contains numbers in them and other boxes are empty. In a Sudoku game, the numbers that are used are from one through nine.

The player’s goal is to fill all the boxes with numbers. However, he has to do this in a unique fashion. The numbers should not be repeated in both columns and rows of the grid and he has to complete the number from one through nine and no box should be left empty. The Sudoku puzzle has been considered as the best puzzle game ever created because it challenges the mental capacity of an individual which encourages the players to really think hard when they play this game.

Contrary to what is popularly believed about the Sudoku puzzle that the game is based on mathematics, it is reiterated that Sudoku is a logic game or strategy game. it only uses number in order to have a constant symbol to use in the game. Furthermore, to be good at Sudoku, the player doesn’t have to be a math wizard or something like that in order to win a game of Sudoku. However, the player’s ability to organize and problem solving skill will really help in completing the whole Sudoku puzzle.

Generally, individuals who have the ability to solve problems quicker than other people are the ones who are better at this game. They have the patience to solve it because it takes so much time to complete one single game. On the other hand, the Sudoku puzzle is accessible through the internet and it’s free to play. Players of this game need not to spend anything in order to enjoy the challenges that the game has.

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